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for tiny, ephemeral notions.


Is it worth moving back to plain text email as an anti-spam and more intentional marketing measure?

Why is plaintext better than HTML?


Just like there are information booths at transit hubs and tourist attractions, today I realized that what I would like is to be an information booth attendant for all of life and point people to places, resources, information they might need at any given time. And if I don't know something offhand, I'd help them research next steps for the situation.

Basically, I'm a librarian at heart, but without the associated degree. :(


Today I attempted to comfort my squealing potatoes in the oven by saying not to worry, we are just merging our consciousnesses into one. It is therefore not the end but a new beginning for both of us. A new day dawns fueled by potato consciousness and human consciousness coming together. I wonder if this was at all comforting...


Descriptivism for the win!


I'm curious about barratry (colloquially "ambulance chasing") and how widespread it is, and how legal regulators prevent it. Surely there are a lot of potentially frivolous lawsuits drummed up in this way, even if not by the literal means of ambulance chasing & similar.

e.g. "TikTok, Instagram ‘goaded’ NYC teen into fatal subway surfing stunt, shattered mom says in lawsuit "

It's hard for me to imagine that this mother came up with the idea to sue these entities herself. It's entirely possible! But it sounds like something that could have happened with some prodding from a legal expert with financial incentives.

So I wonder, is anyone looking into these motivations, the origins of a case, the extent to which it's initiated by the claimant versus their representation? I suppose that'll likely always be protected by attorney-client privilege. But I still wonder, in a system with incentives set up the way they are.


I like things that are clear about not operating under the delusion of infinite growth being possible.


I think this video was really good, prompts for how to journal that help mental clarity and health:

the VOMIT system (youtube)

It’s pretty in depth and gets a little complex. I like the idea of vomit though, that ultimately the simplest way to start journaling is just brain dump whatever’s at the top of your head, and starting with something that bothers you is smart to get going quickly if you face any blocks.

See also: Your Head Is a Houseboat, book on how & why to journal


I think if we actually want to revalue education in the US, we need to start paying more people to go to school. If we want to turn around the narrative about education as an elitist thing, then we need to really make it not an elitist thing, by providing people with stipends to go to any form of higher education and training programs for whatever we need more of as a society. If we need more electricians, we should have paid electrical training and job guarantees. If we need more biologists, we should have paid biology studies with paid internships and job guarantees.


We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. ~George Bernard Shaw


Many people I grew up with have a particularly strong aesthetic sensitivity that I don't seem to have to the same degree. They have particular aesthetic preferences that can be a bit intolerant if the aesthetic is off. I'm mostly curious why so many people I grew up around have this but I do not seem to have it to the same extent. I would think this would relate to shared conditions around upbringing. To consider and pinpoint further...


feel yes generally to this sentiment:

I love to work, I just don't like to use a computer for so long


Although perhaps for me it’s more: I like to work I just don’t want to have to use a computer for so long and push myself to unsustainable limits on the regular.



There are infinite things to do on the internet. Sometimes I have to just step away, knowing the infinite possibilities will (for the most part) remain upon my return.


Catalytic converters: maybe not required in many countries that have major pollution issues? Nepal, India, others? To research further.


Some goals: